Each Alcuin Fellow engages a project of study and writing.

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Alcuin Fellow Annual Projects

Christopher Perrin, PhD

Project: Christopher continues to study the history and philosophy of scholé–restful and leisurely learning–and its application to classical schools and learning.

Ravi Jain, MDiv

Project: Ravi continues his study of mathematics and science instruction in the classical tradition.

Kevin Clark, MDiv, DLA (Can.)

Project: Kevin is working on his PhD at Georgetown University where we his studying the interdisciplinary nature of the liberal arts.

Grant Horner, PhD (Can.)

Project: Grant continues to study the ways in which virtue has been taught in the classical tradition, in thinkers such as John Milton.

Andrew Smith, MA

Project: Andrew is studying educational ideals contained in the writings of Plato and the practice of rhetoric in the classical tradition.

David Diener, PhD

Project: David is studying and writing about the influence of Greek philosophy and education on the tradition of classical education.

Bill Stutzman, MA

Project: Bill is studying the memory and music in the classical tradition of education.  He is collaborating with Jenny Rallens on the study of memory.

Jesse Hake, MA

Project: Jesse is studying the ways in which a classical education can be deployed to urban centers across the U.S.

Josh Gibbs, BA

Project: Josh is studying the tradition of “great books” instruction in the classical tradition.

Robyn Burlew, MEd

Project: Robyn is studying the ways that classical educators across all grades and levels can grow and work together effectively and harmoniously.

Phillip Donnelly, PhD

Project: Phillip is engaged in a project of writing and research in which he is exploring the liberal arts as “seeds of learning.”

Christopher Hall, MAT

Project: Chris is studying the way that common arts have been and can be integrated into classical learning.



Conversation with great friends and colleagues, discussing the things that are most worthwhile, often (but not always) having to do with the renewal of classical education.

Food and Drink

We don’t think we are gluttons, but we do believe in the church calendar with its feasts and celebrations.  Good talk often comes with great food and drink.


The Fellowship is committed to the study of classical curricula and philosophy, seeking to learn how it was understood and configured in past eras.


In addition to renewing the classical curriculum, we are committed to the studying the principles and practices of pedagogy–the best means of teaching.

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