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–for a friend is a second self

–Therefore the man who is happy needs virtuous friends

Aristotle, Nicomachean Ethics

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The Alcuin Fellows

Christopher Perrin, PhD

Alcuin Fellowship Director

Christopher is the Publisher and Consultant with Classical Academic Press and a board member with the Society for Classical Learning. With several other inaugural fellows, he helped found the Alcuin Fellowship in 2008. He is the author of several books on classical education and a frequent speaker and faculty trainer.  He was a history major and classics minor and earned a PhD in apologetics from Westminster Theological Seminary.

Ravi Jain, MDiv

Alcuin Fellow, Southeastern

Ravi Jain was one of the inaugural Alcuin Fellows, and leads the fellowship in our research of math and science curricula and pedagogy. He is the math and science chair at the Geneva School of Orlando and the co-author of the Liberal Arts Tradition. Ravi earned degrees in Greek and math and holds an MDiv from Reformed Theological Seminary, and a graduate certificate in math from Central Florida University.  He speaks frequently on math and science around the country.

Kevin Clark, MDiv, DLA

Alcuin Fellow, Southeastern

Kevin was an inaugural Alcuin Fellow, and provides leadership in the recovery of liberal arts tradition, with expertise in literature, rhetoric, theology and philosophy. He is the Academic Dean at the Geneva School of Orlando and the co-author of the Liberal Arts Tradition and has degrees in music, philosophy, and a MDiv from Reformed Theological Seminary. He is a candidate for the Doctor of Liberal Arts at Georgetown University.  He speaks frequently curriculum and pedagogy around the country.

Grant Horner, PhD

Alcuin Fellow, Western Director

Grant joined the Fellowship early on, and was the first college professor to join. Grant has published several books and has expertise in literature, film, language and rhetoric. He also has expertise in Socratic pedagogy.  Grant helped establish the upper school at Trinity Classical Academy in Los Angeles while also teaching full time at the Masters College. Grant holds a PhD in literature from Claremont Graduate University.

Brian Williams, PhD

Alcuin Fellow

Dr. Brian A. Williams is Dean of the College of Arts and Humanities and the Templeton Honors College. He is an Assistant Professor of Ethics & Liberal Studies. Before coming to Eastern, he was Lecturer in Theology and Christian Ethics at the University of Oxford and Director of “Oxford Conversations,” a collection of curated video interviews with leading Christian academics and scholars at Oxford.

Andrew Smith, MA

Alcuin Fellow, Mid-Atlantic Director

Andrew Smith has been a teacher and administrator in Christian classical schools for 15 years. He currently serves at Veritas School in Richmond, VA and prior to that was part of schools in Orlando and Memphis. Along with providing upper school administrative leadership, Andrew’s academic work has focused primarily on Rhetoric, both in curriculum development and in teacher training. Andrew holds a B.A. in History, an M.Div. and an M.A. in Philosophy. He and his wife, Keri, have four children, spanning in age from 17 to 6.



David Diener, PhD

Alcuin Fellow, Texas Director

David Diener has been an Alcuin Fellow since 2012 and provides leadership in philosophy and upper school humanities curriculum and pedagogy.  He is the author of Plato: The Great Philosopher-Educator and numerous journal publications. David is the Head of School at Grace Academy in Georgetown, Texas and speaks frequently at conferences around the country. David holds a dual PhD in philosophy and philosophy of education from Indiana University.

Bill Stutzman, MA

Alcuin Fellow

Bill joined the Fellowship early on when he was Grammar School Principal at the Ambrose School.  Bill currently serves as the Academic Dean at the Oaks School in Spokane, Washington where he also leads the music program.  An accomplished guitarist and songwriter, Bill provides leadership in music as well as both lower school and upper school curriculum and pedagogy.  Bill earned an MA in English from the University of Wisconsin.

Jesse Hake, MA

Alcuin Fellow

Jesse was one of the inaugural fellows who joined the Fellowship in 2008.  Jesse provides leadership in the application of classical education in urban settings, and in history and theology. He also has expertise in upper school curriculum and pedagogy. Jesse currently serves as the Academic Dean at Logos Academy in York, Pennsylvania.  Jesse earned a MA in history from St. Andrews University, Scotland.

Josh Gibbs, BA

Alcuin Fellow

Josh joined the Fellowship in 2016 as an Associate Fellow.  He provides leadership in great book education and upper school humanities curriculum and pedagogy.  Josh is a frequent writer, publishing film reviews with FilmFisher.com and regular articles with the Circe Institute blog. Josh serves as an upper school humanities educator at the Veritas School in Richmond, Virginia.  He earned his BA in English literature from the University of Idaho.

Robyn Burlew, MEd

Alcuin Fellow

Robyn joined the Fellowship in 2016.  Robyn serves as the Academic Dean at the Veritas School in Richmond, Virginia. Robyn has been teaching providing administrative leadership to classical schools for over ten years, and provides expertise in both lower school and upper school curriculum and pedagogy.  Robyn is trained in math and science and earned her MEd in educational leadership from Covenant College.

Phillip Donnelly, PhD

Alcuin Fellow, Texas As. Director

Phillip recently joined the Fellowship in 2016.  Phillip is the Director of the Great Texts Program at Baylor University, where he also serves as a professor of literature.  Phillip has published numerous books and articles and is working on a series of books on the liberal arts. Phillip has presented at the Alcuin Retreat, and is a frequent speaker at the SCL annual conference. Phillip earned his MA and PhD in English literature from the University of Ottowa.

Christopher Hall, MAT

Alcuin Fellow

Christopher joined the Fellowship as an Associate Alcuin Fellow in 2016.  Christopher serves as the Lower School Academic Dean at the Covenant School in Charlottesville, Virginia.  Chris provides leadership in philosophy and lower school curriculum and pedagogy.  Chris earned a degree in philosophy from Gettysburg College and MAT in education from Towson State University in Maryland.



Conversation with great friends and colleagues, discussing the things that are most worthwhile, often (but not always) having to do with the renewal of classical education.


Food and Drink

We don’t think we are gluttons, but we do believe in the church calendar with its feasts and celebrations.  Good talk often comes with great food and drink.



The Fellowship is committed to the study of classical curricula and philosophy, seeking to learn how it was understood and configured in past eras.



In addition to renewing the classical curriculum, we are committed to the studying the principles and practices of pedagogy–the best means of teaching.

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