Retreats and Grants

The Alcuin Fellowship

Renewing Classical Education, Teacher to Teacher!

The 2024 Texas Alcuin Fellowship Retreat is set! The theme is: The Pursuit of Wisdom in Classical Education: Lesson from Socrates and St. Thomas.  Click below to learn more.

The Alcuin Fellowship is a fellowship of educators from around the nation passionately committed to the renewal of classical education around the world.  The Fellowship engages in the research of classical curricula, pedagogy and culture, and seeks to practically implement our findings in schools and homeschools. 

Named after Alcuin of York, Charlemagne’s educational reformer, the Fellowship conducts educational retreats around the country with no more than 35 teachers attending.  The Alcuin Fellows also seek to mentor and train younger teachers interested in doing collaborative research, writing and study.

The Fellowship was founded in 2008 by Dr. Christopher Perrin in conjunction with several inaugural fellows including Ravi Jain, Kevin Clark, James Daniels, and Jesse Hake.  Currently the Fellowship includes a national council of 14 national Alcuin Fellows, and four regional chapters each having their own group of regional Alcuin Fellows.  The Fellowship is a non-profit corporation that receives donations and in turn gives scholarships for educator retreats and for research and study in classical education.

The Fellowship has collaborated with several organizations but has a longstanding partnership the Society for Classical Learning.

The Fellowship maintains four regional chapters and hosts four regional retreats (Virgina, Texas, Michigan, and California). The Fellowship also hosts one larger “national” annual retreat (or mini-conference) in partnership with the SCL in which several of the fellows are present.

The Fellowship holds friendship a high virtue, as well as fine food and drink, and beautiful place to relax and talk about what matters most.


The Mission of the Alcuin Fellowship

The Alcuin Fellowship is a network of colleagues in K-12 schools and colleges who love learning and honor the great humane traditions. The Fellowship aims to help classical Christian schools and homeschools grow and thrive, through research, writing, and regular retreats. We believe regular retreats of passionate, committed Christian educators will confirm, improve and develop classical Christian education around the world. Our love of learning is staked in a deeper love for God and zeal for Jesus Christ who is the fountainhead of all Truth, Beauty, and Goodness.