Regional Retreats

Come on Retreat

Friendship, Conversation, Rest.

The National Retreat in Richmond, VA has passed but you can read about the schedule here, for your information. This March (2024) the Fellowship will be hosting private retreat in Charlottesville, VA.

Every year  the Alcuin Fellowship conducts retreats for school faculties in various regions of the country.  The format of the retreat mirrors that of our summer retreat.  Like our summer retreat, we try to keep the size manageable (less than 35 teachers) in order to encourage great conversation and fellowship.

A school faculty retreat is conducted by one our four regional Alcuin chapters.

The theme for these retreats collaboratively determined by the local chapter in concert with the National Council of the Alcuin Fellowship.

In 2024, we will be hosting one regional retreat in Texas (click to learn more): 

Here are the essential elements of a regional Alcuin retreat:

  • Two days in length (generally Thursday, Friday and possibly Saturday morning)
  • Alcuin Fellows from the regional chapter are present to lead the retreat and engage others in conversation
  • Presentations: Approximately three presentations each day with plenty of time for conversation and discussion
  • When: Usually the winter or spring of a given year
  • Theme: Themes will vary from retreat to retreat, but are generally a blend of both the philosophical and practical
  • Cost: Reasonable!
  • Application/Registration: Educators may register (and pay) for any of the regional retreats right here on this website.
  • Contact person: Christopher Perrin (