The Alcuin Retreat for Classical Educators


Location: Ft. Worth, Texas


Annual Alcuin Retreat: October 20-23, 2021, Ft. Worth Texas

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Annual Alcuin Retreat: Ecclesiastes, Tertullian and the Classical Renewal of Education


Each year the Alcuin Fellowship conducts a retreat for up to 35 classical educators from around the country.  We purposely keep the retreat small to encourage great conversation and fellowship.

Join us for the annual gathering of the Alcuin Fellows, academic leaders, and faculty from around the country as we gather to contemplate wisdom and discernment. The Book of Ecclesiastes and Tertullian’s Enduring Question by Nicholas Wolterstorff will frame a rich and engaging conversation as we consider:

  • What does Jerusalem have to do with Athens?
  • How does the past lead to informed deeper study today?
  • How do we apply this to leading and teaching in a classical Christian school?
  • How do we textualize this discernment for our culture now?


Retreat Location: The Kimpton Harper Hotel, Ft. Worth, Texas

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Kimpton Harper Hotel, Ft. Worth, TX