Research Grants

Grant Application

Applicant Information

Please give us some information about background and work.
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Tell us where you attended college and what you studied.
If you studied beyond college, tell us about your graduate study and any degrees you obtained.
Please tell us the name of your school or organization
In approximately 150 words, tell us how you have come to know about classical education and your personal experience with it.


Please list two references that we may contact via email.

Research Proposal

Please give us some information about the research you would like to conduct.
In approximately 300 words, describe the topic of your research and why it is of interest to you.
In approximately 300 words, tell us why you think this research is needed and how it will help the ongoing renewal of classical education.
In approximately 200 words, tell us why you believe you are qualified to do this research.
Please list the books and other sources you will read and other activities that will be relevant to your research such as interviews, site visits, etc.
Tell us approximately how long you it will take you to complete your research.
Tell us how you will use the funds you may receive from the Alcuin Fellowship. Please list the main categories of expense and approximately how much funding you will need for each category.

Use of Research by the Alcuin Fellowship

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