2022 Texas Alcuin Retreat


The Texas Alcuin Fellowship Retreat : 25-26 February 2022


Retreat Highlights
  • Theme: The Liberal Arts as Seeds of Learning

  • Duration: Two days in length (from Friday, Feb. 25 at 5pm through the evening of Saturday, Feb. 26)

  • Leadership: Alcuin Fellows from the Texas chapter will be present to lead the retreat and engage others in conversation
  • Presentations: Presentations are paced to allow time for conversation and discussion between sessions
  • Cost: $150 (includes three meals). Space is limited. Register by January 15, 2022.
  • Registration: Educators can register by click this link: Register for the Texas Retreat
  • Questions: For questions contact Allison Buras at: aburas@liveoakclassical.com


The verbal arts of grammar, logic, and rhetoric are often referred to as tools of learning. This analogy between words and tools too often relies on the common assumption that the verbal arts are merely neutral tools. Even reimagining the verbal arts as purposive tools that serve a good beyond themselves takes us only so far. We need an alternative analogy to stand against the cultural forces of consumption and production that often shape educational purposes in the age of global information technology.

In The Lost Seeds of Learning, Phillip Donnelly invites readers to consider how our understanding of the learners, the teachers, the content, the forms, and the purposes of the verbal arts becomes transformed in light of Christian faith. Recovering the vision of how grammar, logic, and rhetoric can be like seeds and not merely neutral tools helps us remember why these arts are crucial to Christian formation. By imagining words as seeds, Christian educators can cultivate attention, patience, and responsible action rather than distraction, impatience, and paralysis. 



Join the Texas Chapter of the Alcuin Fellowship at Baylor University in Waco, Texas, for a time of conversation and renewal as we consider The Lost Seeds of Learning via a series of talks and seminar discussions.  The retreat includes in-depth discussion of the text and a keynote address by the author on Friday evening.  Seminar presentations will be led by Alyssan Barnes, Stephen Barnes, Todd Buras, Joseph DiLuzio and Meghan DiLuzio.  Prayer and worship sessions will be led by Carlos Colón.  Participants are expected to read The Lost Seeds of Learning and to come prepared to respond to the reading and discussion questions on chapters three through seven (pages 242-254).

A copy of The Lost Seeds of Learning may be purchased here:  Purchase Lost Seeds of Learning Book

Retreat participants must make independent arrangements for their travel and accommodations in Waco.



Every year  the Alcuin Fellowship conducts retreats for school faculties in various regions of the country. We try to keep the size manageable (less than 35 teachers) in order to encourage great conversation and fellowship.

This year we will be hosting four regional retreats: one in Richmond, VA; one in Santa Clarita, CA; one in Waco, TX, and one in Kansas City, MO.